Parking operators

Offering MPA virtual permits and cashless payments for visitor permit means that whitelisted, regular users or your car parks are able to manage their own virtual permit once you’ve granted them access. This eliminates the burden and responsibility of updating their vehicle details that is normally placed on you.

Driver records can be mass uploaded with ease. This means that you’re able to easily deploy and manage a highly configurable and powerful permit solution.

Move towards “frictionless parking” where the driver’s experience is smooth, fast, efficient and easy by being able to update their permit in real time. MPA reduces the chances of getting a PCN that later needs cancelling as a result of typos by registering the car details once and by offering simple reminders to renew their permit before it lapses.

Data Integration and Availability

MPA virtual permits are seamlessly and fully integrated with our ANPR and Handheld Enforcement products. Data can also be integrated with your existing systems.

Reduced Costs

Using MPA virtual permits reduces admin and printing costs.

Go Green

Environmentally Responsible by dropping your landfill and carbon footprint.